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Posting: School Bus Driver
Job Category:Bus Driver
Schedule:182 Days
Salary:$17.11 - $19.11
Licensed Position:NOFull Time:YES
School Bus Driver
  1. In accordance with Mississippi Code S37-9-17, all personnel employed by the public school system shall be required to pass a criminal background check and a current child abuse registry check.
  2. A satisfactory employment record.
  3. Ability to demonstrate and follow oral and written instructions.
  4. Must be 21 years of age.
  5. Currently possess or willing to obtain a Class B Commercial Driver License with the “P” (passenger) endorsement.
  6. Must be able to pass all required training required by the school district and the Mississippi Department of Education.
  7. A satisfactory driving record to include no more than two (2) traffic violations in the past three years.
  8. Must be insurable by local district insurance carrier.
  9. Must be able to perform preventive maintenance checks.
  10. Have no known medical history or clinical diagnosis of any conditions that could be detrimental to the safety of the students that will be transported.
  11. Must be willing to submit to and pass drug screening.

REPORTS TO               Building Principal and Transportation Director

Mississippi Board of Education policy states it is the responsibility of the School Bus Driver to operate the school bus in a safe and efficient manner and to abide by all state traffic laws, Mississippi Board of Education Regulations and Local School Board Regulations.


Such duties and responsibilities as may be assigned, including but not limited to:

1.             Obeys all traffic laws.
2.             Observes all mandatory safety regulations for school buses.
3.             Maintain discipline on the school bus without jeopardizing safety while driving.
4.             Complete all reports on bus discipline, bus maintenance, and any other reports required by the local school board.
5.             Keeps assigned bus clean.
6.             Keep exterior mirrors clean and adjusted at all times.
7.             Perform a minimum of two school bus evacuation drills each school year utilizing appropriate emergency procedures.
8.             Know, recognize, and obey road signs and signals by meaning, shapes, sounds, and colors.
9.             Report any hazards along the existing route to the Transportation Supervisor.
10.          Exercise the effective defensive driving skills of self-control, alertness, foresight, and good judgment at all times while operating the school bus.
11.          Remain alert at all times to hazards including, but not limited to, poor weather conditions, other vehicles, road conditions, and trains at railroad crossings.
12.          The driver shall not at any time permit pupils to stand in the step well or loading area, or where the pupil would likely fall out of the bus if the rear emergency door was opened, or where the drivers view is obscured.
13.          Maintain routes and schedules as planned by the Transportation Supervisor, never departing a bus stop early.

14.          Conduct a thorough pre-trip and post-trip inspection of the school bus.
15.          Responsible for completing a thorough inspection of the bus at the end of the morning route and the afternoon route to ensure that all students are off the bus.
16.          Notifies the Transportation Supervisor in case of mechanical failure or lateness.
17.          Pick-up and discharge students at authorized stops only.
18.          Exercises responsible leadership when on out-of-district school trips.
19.          Transports only authorized students.
20.          Reports all accidents and completes required reports immediately.
21.          Enforces regulations against smoking and eating on the bus.
22.          Bus Drivers will obey all Harrison County School District, local, and state school bus transportation laws.
23.          Responsible for following all Safety Policies and Procedures of the Harrison County School District.
24.          Any other duties within the scope of this job description as assigned by the Principal and/or Transportation Supervisor.


Performs other related tasks as assigned by the Principal, Superintendent and other central office administrators as designated by the Superintendent. 
                Note:  The above description is illustrative of tasks and responsibilities.  It is not meant to be all inclusive of every task or responsibility.


School Bus


Travel to school district buildings as well all roads, highways, roads, and streets within the Harrison County as directed and required.


Work in standard school bus and school building environments. 
:    Also see the Checklist of Duties for the Physical, Sensory and Environmental Requirements Needed to Perform Essential Functions for this position. 


182-day contract, approximately a nine-month period.  The salary and work year are established by the School Board.


Performance of the Bus Driver will be evaluated annually in accordance with provisions in the School Board Policies and Procedures.

FLSA Status:      Not Exempt

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